On December 30th 2011, I went to the city for Justin Bieber. He wasn't in yet so I went to go see

Demi Lovato and Tyler Posey. After that I went to the hotel Justin was staying at for someone else and at this point, I didn't know that's where Justin was staying. When we realized she wasn't there, we found out Demi was staying there so we waited because some of my other friends didn't meet her before. While waiting, I saw Ryan Good and Ashley Benson. We got pictures with them. Then we saw Alfredo and got pictures and he followed us on Twitter. Then we started thinking that Justin was staying at this hotel. We saw Pattie and Jeremy. They are very nice people. We then knew Justin was coming soon. We waited longer. Between 8-9pm we saw a car that pull into the garage. We ran to it. They started closing the gate of the garage when I saw Justin. We were like, "Justin please stop." Justin said, "No wait, keep the gate open." I was so shocked that he said that. He came over and I gave him a hug and thanked him for stopping. Then he hugged my friends. We took a picture but it was too dark, then we took another one and she was covering the flash. Then we took an  other one and it came out good, that?'why I have three pictures. After everyone took their pictures, I asked Justin when Selena was coming and he said, "in about an hour". We walked away and he left. That was the greatest day in my life. Then on December 31st 2011, we went to go see Justin and Selena. We waited and Justin finally left the hotel, but he jetted into his car. He looked out his window and I waved. Then he hit his hand on the window, smiled and put a thumbs up. I?m so thankful for everything and I'm happy I ended 2011 this way. Thank you so much Justin. Never say never. -@amaaandaplease

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