"Now I'm all gone,

Gone, gone, Im gone."

Justin finished singing the last note into the microphone, grinning as small clusters of people scattered throughout the arena broke into applause. They were in the midst of one of their last dress rehearsals; opening night of the tour was the next night.

"Great job, man!" His manager Scooter, who had been sitting in the front row watching the run-through of the show, stood up and began clapping. "You kicked ass!"

"Thanks." Justin replied.

"You keep that up, it's gonna be one hell of a tour." Scooter stated. Several other crew members nearby nodded and murmured in agreement.

The sound of loud giggling rang out across the cavernous arena. Glancing towards the right-hand side, Justin caught a glimpse of about five girls who appeared to be his age, all standing on their seats, clutching glittery posters, and smiling at him. They were clearly fans, most likely a group that had won a contest to get to see one of his dress rehearsals.

He flipped his hair and grinned at them.

"Hi ladies," He called. They erupted with giggles. "Thanks for coming out to see the rehearsal." A few of them squealed excitedly and began shaking with nerves.

"Thanks for having us, Justin!" One of them called.

"We love you!"

"You're so gorgeous!"

Justin laughed and smiled at them. "Not as gorgeous as you." He replied flirtatiously.

All five started squealing again. One even began fanning herself, so overwhelmed with excitement she thought she might faint.

Waving good-bye to them, Justin exited the stage, only to be instantly surrounded by crew members congratulating him on a fantastic final dress rehearsal.

"You'resoready for this," One of the sound technicians, a woman who looked to be about twice his age, winked at him, touching his wrist. "The tour is going to be amazing."

Justin grinned at those who were congratulating him, positively thrilled by the reactions he had created.



Allie resisted the urge to roll her eyes for what felt like the millionth time that day.

"What?" Jasmine, who was standing beside her, asked knowingly. The two were positioned backstage, and were being fitted for microphones and sound equipment.

"I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous." Allie stated, indicating towards where Justin stood, surrounded by gushing crew people."His show's good and all, butcome on! That lady is probably nearing her 40s, the fact that she's throwing herself at a 16-year-old is just sad." She shook her head, laughing at the situation. "Seriously, he's not Michael Jackson, why do they feel the need to hang all over him and treat him like he's a god?"

"Because he is." Jasmine replied.

Allie just looked at her.

Jasmine laughed. "I'm kidding! Look, I dunno, they all just want his attention, that's all."

Allie scoffed. "And they're getting it. Look at him. That is just disgusting, he is actually enjoying the fact that women who are twice his age are flirting with him. Even someguysare flirting with him! And he is just loving it all." Allie shook her head. "What a douchebag."

Jasmine looked at her friend with exasperation. "He's really not that bad, Allie. I mean, sure, he can get a little full of himself sometimes, but honestly, what else do you expect? The kid's rich, successful, and every girl loves him, of course he's going to have somewhat of a big head. But he?s actually a really cool person! He's nice and funny! He's one of my friends." She stated simply.

Allie nodded slightly. "Okay, I get that he's your friend, but - "

"And I know that you think he's just another Liam, and I totally understand that,? Jasmine interrupted. "Really, I do. I know how Liam hurt you, and I know that you'd rather not get involved with anyone else like him. But Justin's a nice guy. He's not like Liam."

Allie shook her head. "Yes, he is." She replied stubbornly.

"He's not, Al. I actually think that you would really like him, if you just got to know him." Jasmine said.

Allie shrugged, inwardly doubting this very much.

"Just give him a chance, okay?" Jasmine asked, looking at her friend with slightly pleading eyes. "Please?"

Looking back at Jasmine, Allie sighed. She then nodded. Jasmine's eyes lit up, and she grinned, clearly pleased. But as they switched topics and began discussing their wardrobes for the show the next night, Allie couldn't help but secretly think that there was no way in hell she was ever going to actually give him a chance.

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I Flge KCA's skal justin vre tilstede!!



Jazmyn & Jaxon i Walmart


For de som ikke vet hem Khalil er . vel han er en sanger :)


OMG !!! Gleder meg !



"How's it going?" Justin asked. His eyes traveled amongst the three and finally rested on Allie. He smiled at her.

She averted his gaze and quickly took another sip of water.

"Pretty good!" Meaghan replied breathlessly. She then launched into a full-on ramble about how psyched she was for the tour to start.

"Oh yeah?" Justin asked, slinging an arm around her shoulders and shooting her another of his flirty grins.

Meaghan looked like she was about to faint. She nodded slightly, seemingly at a loss for words, before she began speaking again, stumbling over herself and talking exceptionally fast.

"I love your voice." Justin commented, referring to her light accent. "Where are you from?"

Meaghan flushed a deep shade of scarlet before murmuring, "Ireland."

As Justin continued flirting with Meaghan, Allie couldn't help herself - she rolled her eyes. "Kill me now." She muttered under her breath.

Hearing this, Kristen shot her a questioning look.

Allie just shook her head, indicating that she would explain later.

After what seemed like hours of Justin conversing with the three (during which Allie remained mostly quiet), someone finally entered the room searching for him. Upon discovering him there, they quickly informed him that he needed to get back to his own rehearsal.

After nodding to the person to indicate he understood, Justin turned back to the three girls. "Well ladies, I gotta get going, but it was really nice meeting you all. It's Meaghan, Kristen, and...Allie, right?" He asked, looking at each girl for clarification. After they had nodded, he flashed his dazzling smile once more. "Cool. See you around."

He waved good-bye to Jason, Matt, and Jasmine, and then exited the room.

Meaghan and Kristen turned to each other with wide eyes, at a loss for what to say.

"He's even more beautiful in person." Kristen said breathlessly.

"I know!" Meaghan squealed.

Allie groaned. "Woww, guys." She stated.

"What?" Kristen and Meaghan asked.

Allie shook her head. "Nothing."

"Okay, what was up with earlier?" Kristen inquired, referring to when Allie had rolled her eyes. "You totally seem to have something against him."

"Yeah, you barely talked to him!" Meaghan pointed out.

Allie shrugged. "Honestly, I just don't see what all the hype's about."

"What do you mean?" Kristen asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"I don't see why everyone makes such a big deal about him. He's notthattalented. I mean, sure, he can sing and dance, but so can a million other people. I just don't get why peoplefawnall over him."

"He's so nice! You saw him just now, he was a total sweetie!" Meaghan protested.

"No, he was just being overly-flirty and way too cocky. Typical rockstar." Allie muttered.

Meaghan and Kristen just stared at her, before exchanging quizzical glances.

Allie crossed her arms in annoyance. "He's totally full of himself!" She cried. "Girls constantly throw themselves at him, and he makes enough money every night to feed an entire third-world country. He's rich, he thinks he's hot, and he's used to attention. He thinks that just because he's made it big, he owns the planet and can do whatever he pleases." She scoffed. "I hate people like him. Celebrities are so arrogant."

"Jasmine's not arrogant."Kristen pointed out.

"Okay,superstarsare arrogant." Allie corrected herself. She rolled her eyes again. "I'm sorry, but I just can't stand him. You saw how flirty he was, he's nothing but a player. He knows he can get any girl he wants, so he turns on the charm every time he sees someone he thinks is hot, just to get another ego boost."

"You seem to have him all figured out, yet, unless I'm mistaken, you only just met him today." Kristen commented, surveying Allie with interest.

Allie took a deep breath. "Believe me," She stated flatly. "I may have only just met him, but I know exactly the type of person he is. Let's just say I've had experiences with people like him."

Meaghan and Kristen looked at her with raised eyebrows, both clearly interested to know more.

Allie shook her head as if to dismiss the subject and turned to walk away.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Meaghan called, grabbing her arm. "What do you mean, you've ?had experiences'?" She asked, her eyes bright with excitement and intrigue.

"Nothing." Allie muttered.

"No, tell us!" Meaghan pressed. Kristen nodded fervently beside her.

"Really, it's nothing."Allie continued.

"Tell us!" Kristen pleased.

"Seriously, it's not that important."

"You can't tell us something like that and then refuse to elaborate!" Meaghan protested.

"Yes, I can."

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I definitely can."

"No, you definitely can't."

Allie groaned loudly.

"Please, Allie! Just tell us!" Kristen begged.

After a long pause, during which Kristen and Meaghan stared at her with pleading looks on their faces, Allie sighed.

"Fine." She said.

"Yes!" Her friends replied, beaming.

Allie took a deep breath. "Okay..." She paused before sighing again. "...You know Liam Seyfried?"

Meaghan and Kristen's faces lit up.

"Yes...very much so." Meaghan replied suggestively, smirking at Allie before laughing. "Ha, Iwish!"

"He'ssuperhot." Kristen commented.

"Yeah, well, he's also my ex." Allie stated bluntly. "I used to date him."

There was silence for a moment before reactions occurred. Meaghan's eyes widened, and Kristen, who had just taken a sip of water, spit it out all over Allie.

"What?!" She exclaimed.

Allie nodded. "Yup."

Liam Seyfried was seventeen and, like Justin, he was a worldwide phenomenon. An extremely successful actor, he made millions of dollars, and knew how to make the girls swoon. Tall, dark, and handsome, with sculpted abs, and a heart-stoppingly gorgeous smile, he was one of the biggest teenage dreams in Young Hollywood.

"Youdatedhim?! You - what -how?!" Kristen spluttered.

"When?!" Demanded Meaghan.

Allie sighed. "Last summer." She replied glumly. "I met him when I was with Jasmine one time, actually. She had been invited to a premiere and asked me to go along with her, so I did. We ran into him there, and he and I sort of...hit it off, and...well, by the end of the night, we'd exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out later that week. Next thing I know, we're dating."

"Are youserious?!" Exclaimed Meaghan.

Allie nodded grimly.

"Oh my God! I never knew that about you! Holy shit, Allie! That's crazy! You lucky chick!" Meaghan cried.

"Right...lucky..." Allie replied, looking down at her feet and quickly blinking. The memories of the pain and humiliation Liam had put her through still brought tears to her eyes sometimes.

Noticing Allie's downcast eyes, Kristen asked gently, "What...happened?"

Allie looked back up to see her two friends staring at her with concerned expressions.

"Liam was really amazing to me. He was unlike any guy I had ever known, and...honestly, he was the greatest thing to ever happen to me...or so I thought." She shook her head sadly. "I seriously thought that everything he told me was true, when in reality, it was all lies. It was all an act. He didn't actually care about me. He was only dating me for publicity. He wanted the public to think he was down-to-earth enough to date someone who wasn't rich, or famous, or some excessively beautiful socialite or model. On our six-month anniversary, I walked in on him cheating on me. Apparently he'd been seeing this rich skank behind my back for months. Tons of people knew about it, but didn't bother to tell me."

Meaghan and Kristen had stunned expressions on their faces.

"Allie..." Kristen muttered softly, concern clouding her green eyes. "I'm so sorry..."

"Yeah," Meaghan added, nodding.

Allie shook her head slightly. "It doesn't matter. It's all over now. I was completely humiliated, but...I'm not involved with him anymore. I haven't seen him for months. And so I don't have to worry about it now."

Kristen and Meaghan quickly pulled her in for a hug.

After they broke apart, Allie murmured, "Sorry, I kinda sprung that all on you..."

Her friends shook their heads and waved it off as if it were nothing.

"We're the ones who were interrogating you about disliking Justin." Meaghan pointed out, shrugging.

Allie sighed. "Yeah...Well, you see why I'm not too eager to fall for his act? He's exactly like Liam was when I first met him.Exactlylike him. I know just the type of person he really is, there's no way I'm getting involved with him. Like I was saying before, he's just like every other big-shot superstar out there: he's let fame get to his head, he has way too much money for his own good, and he?s a heartless player. I don't care what people say about him, I don't trust him."

Shaking her head to clear it of bad memories, Allie put a smile on, trying to lighten the suddenly-serious mood. "But anyways! I'm really excited for the tour to hurry up and start, it's gonna be so much fun getting out on the road!"

Kristen and Meaghan, understanding that she wanted to change the subject, nodded, grinning. Before they knew it, the three were in the midst of a giddy conversation about the crazy things they were going to get up to whilst on tour.

After about five more minutes, Jasmine seemed to realize that their quick break had turned into a rather long one, and she clapped her hands for attention.

"Okay, guys! Sorry, we all got a little distracted there. Let's get back to work!"

The six were quick to assemble in the center of the room again and, after Jasmine had pressed "play" on her iTunes, this time starting up a different song, the group resumed rehearsing.

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bilde er tatt fra da han var med Jimmy Kimmel (28.mars)


Justin & Lil Andy under filmingen av Boyfriend :)


Alyssa er en av jentene som er med p musikk videoen


Vi sier Gratulerer til justin :)


"So I took this pic w @justinbieber. I thought we were both gonna make a crazy face. Turns out, it was just ME!"








T-skjorten Selena har p seg er justin sin, dette var idag under filmingen av nye filmen hennes "Spring Breakers"

Justin med t-skjorten da han var i mexico


En av jentene som er med i musikk videoen !



Allie McHenry brushed a stray strand of dark brown hair out of her eyes, before hastily pulling it up into a high ponytail. She grabbed her water bottle off the ground, took a long swig, and began stretching.

"Alright, you guys ready to do this?" Jasmine Villegas asked, bouncing into the room and taking energetic strides towards her dancers.

There were five of them in all: Allie, two other girls named Meaghan O'Leary and Kristen Kenneth, and two guys named Jason Sorita and Matt Blake. All were between the ages of 16 and 20, and all were backup dancers for Jasmine. The group had been intensively performing for the last few weeks in preparation for one of Jasmine's biggest gigs yet: she was to be the opening act for Justin Bieber on his My World Tour, which would travel across the United States and Canada, and eventually travel overseas.

"Let's do this," Matt sang out, hopping up from off of the ground.

As Jasmine's five dancers positioned themselves in the center of the room to begin rehearsals, the singer herself opened iTunes on her MacBook and prepared to start the song they'd be practicing first.

"And 5, 6 - 5, 6, 7, 8!" She called out.

"All of these boys, got em' standing in a line,

So many boys keep on begging for my time"

The group performed the number flawlessly, having practiced it so many times that it felt natural. As the song continued, Allie watched herself and her friends in the mirror, perfectly coordinating themselves to bring their best performance.

Of the group of six, Allie was an unusual case. Unlike the others, she was only a part-time dancer, meaning she was to spend a couple of weeks on the tour at a time, and the other weeks would be spent attending normal high school in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. Though only sixteen, Allie had been dancing her entire life; it was one of her passions. Getting the opportunity to go on tour and perform every night in front of thousands of screaming fans was a dream she never thought would come true. And the only reason Allie was allowed to be on the tour part-time was because of her connections with Jasmine.

Jasmine and Allie had met each other at a three-week residential performing arts camp in Los Angeles one summer, and had instantly become friends. Jasmine's music career had not yet taken off, but Allie knew she had great potential. Sure enough, less than a year later, Jasmine was booking her first professional gigs, and not long after, she got signed to a major record label. When she was asked to open for Justin Bieber, the search began for her backup dancers. Jasmine knew how much Allie lived and breathed for dancing, and so she immediately called her up and asked her to come audition. Thrilled by the opportunity, Allie grabbed it and auditioned for some of Jasmine's team. They immediately loved her, and together, they were able to negotiate her schedule so that she could dance on the tour, but also spend some time being a normal teenager at her high school. So here she stood, days before opening night of the tour, determinedly preparing with five people she now considered some of her best friends.

As the song ended, Jasmine began clapping.

"That was amazing! Guys, we've got this! We are going tokill iton Monday!" She called happily.

The other five began clapping and cheering. Meaghan and Kristen high-fived each other, grinning broadly.

"Let's take a quick break!" Jasmine announced.

As everyone dispersed for the break, there was a knock on the door to the studio. Glancing over to see who it was, Jasmine's face suddenly lit up. "Hey!" She called. She sauntered over to greet whoever was standing outside the door. Allie was standing at just the right angle where she couldn't see who it was.

Allie headed over to the side of the room to grab her water bottle, which was placed right near a mirror. After taking a few drinks, she set down the bottle and began to fix her hair, examining herself in the mirror. Her ponytail reached just between her shoulder blades, and as it was a chocolate-brown color, it complemented her olive skin tone nicely. Dark lashes framed bright blue eyes, and a few freckles sprinkled her nose. As she tucked her side-swept bangs behind her ear, she was joined by Kristen, who grabbed a water bottle nearby.

Kristen, an eighteen-year-old from Minneapolis, was quite the contrast to Allie. With ringlets of shocking red hair, and an extremely dark complexion, she often stood out in a crowd. Her signature doe eyes swept over Allie.

"Stoked for Monday?" She asked.

Allie grinned. "Always."

A moment later, Meaghan bounced over, her wavy platinum-blonde hair rippling behind her. She was a seventeen-year-old from Dublin, Ireland, and her musical voice held only hints of an accent. She and Kristen had instantly clicked with Allie and Jasmine, forming what Jason and Matt liked to call the Fantastic Four.

"Hey guys!" Jasmine called suddenly, stepping back into the studio. "There's someone I want you to meet!"

All five of the dancers looked up at the door as Jasmine re-entered the studio, shortly followed by someone else.

Meaghan nearly dropped her water bottle.

There stood the headliner of the tour himself, Justin Bieber, dressed in a tight white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and purple Supras.

"Everyone, this is Justin." Jasmine said. (Allie could feel Meaghan and Kristen stiffen beside her.) "Justin, this is Matt, Jason, Meaghan, Allie, and Kristen." Jasmine continued, pointing out each dancer as she introduced them.

Justin nodded at both of the boys, and then did his signature hair flip, casting a dazzling smile over at the three girls who were clustered together in the corner.

"Hey man," Jason called.

"Hi!" Meaghan sang, her voice shaking a little from excitement.

Though they had been preparing for weeks, none of the dancers had actually met Justin yet. And although Kristen and Meaghan were trying not to show it, both were extremely huge fans of him and his music.

As Jasmine went to go talk with Jason and Matt, Justin sauntered over towards Allie, Meaghan, and Kristen.

"Hey pretty ladies," He said flirtatiously, grinning at them again.

Allie resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Though her fellow dancers might be fans of the teenage heartthrob, she herself was not exactly as impressed by him.

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