"So tell me," Chaz stated, grabbing a Red Bull from out of the vending machine and walking with Justin and Ryan down the hallway towards Justin's dressing room. "Have you gotten in McHenry's pants yet?"

Justin just looked at him. "You'd know if I had." He replied dryly.

Chaz snickered. "True." He stated.

As the three approached the dressing room, they walked in, closing the door behind them.

"Well, have you made any progress?" Chaz continued.

Justin shrugged. "I got her number."

Chaz snorted. "Yeah, that's a hell of a lot of progress." He stated sarcastically.

Justin glared at him. "Well, she's proving a lot more difficult than I thought."

"Why's that?" Ryan questioned, looking at Justin with interest.

Justin let out an exhale. "Well...she kind of...hates me."

Ryan and Chaz's eyebrows rose in unison.

"Serious?" Ryan asked in disbelief.

"You saw the way she acted when I first talked to her, right before we made the bet," Justin said, shrugging. "For some reason, she has no interest in me whatsoever."

Chaz started laughing. "Wow, you're definitely gonna lose, then."

Justin leaned back against the wall, slightly irritated. "To be honest, she's kind of a bitch anyway."

Ryan looked at him in surprise. "Really? She didn't seem that way to me when we hung out with her on Jas's bus."

"Well, it must just be me, then." Justin replied. "Which I don't get!" He stated furiously, pacing around the room now. "What is it about me that she dislikes so much" Why does she think that I'm so full of myself? I've never done anything to her! And honestly - why did the person I choose to go after for this bet have to be the one girl on this entire tour who has something against me?" He shook his head bitterly, still pacing back and forth.

Chaz and Ryan both looked at each other, a little surprised at Justin's behavior. He didn't normally go on rants like this.

After a few moments of silence, during which Justin stormed around the room angrily, clearly immersed in his thoughts, Chaz spoke up,

"So...does this mean you're giving up on the bet?"

"Hell no!" Justin shot back immediately, glaring at Chaz as if his suggestion was the most absurd thing he had ever heard. "There's no way I'm backing out. I don't care how much she hates me or how difficult she tries to be, I'm going to win that bet. I don't lose. Ever."



"Hey Allie baby!" Jasmine called out, throwing her arms around Allie in greeting. Allie had arrived in Portland not fifteen minutes ago, and Jasmine, Meaghan, Kristen, Jason, and Matt were all gathered at the airport to pick her up and take her back to the hotel they were staying at. It was around 5:30 in the evening, and since the Portland show was not to take place until the next night, the dancers had agreed that they were going to go out that night once Allie's flight had arrived.

"Hey Jas!" Allie cried back, smiling happily and hugging her friend tightly. After saying hello and hugging the the other four, she grabbed her luggage and began to wheel it out of the airport and towards where a taxi stood outside waiting for them. Burly security guards flanked the six as they clambered into the bright yellow van.

Once Jason had announced to the taxi driver where they needed to go, they were on their way, trundling through rush-hour traffic towards downtown, where their hotel was located.

"So we were thinking we'd go out to dinner tonight, and then go back and hang at the hotel afterwards." Meaghan said, facing Allie. "Does that sound good to you?"

"Yeah, sounds fun!" Allie replied. "Is it just gonna be the six of us?"

The others nodded.

Allie smiled. "Sounds good."

After about fifteen more minutes, during which the six talked and laughed loudly, they arrived in front of an impressive building right in the heart of downtown. A small stone sign planted in front of it that was engraved with fancy etchings announced that it was the Regent Marcus Hotel.

"This place is so tight." Matt commented as the group piled out of the car and headed inside.

"Alright, we're gonna drop off Allie's stuff in her room. Everyone, go upstairs, change if you want, do whatever you need, and meet back down here in ten." Jasmine ordered.

As the others nodded in understanding and dispersed to their separate destinations, Allie and Jasmine rushed upstairs to drop off her luggage. Once inside the lavish room and having deposited her bags on a plush couch near the door, Allie quickly grabbed a pair of nicer clothes to change into. As she quickly changed in the bathroom, Jasmine absentmindedly paged through a French fashion magazine that was lying on one of the coffee tables.

Once Allie emerged from the bathroom, Jasmine gave her the once-over and nodded her approval, grinning broadly.

"Lookin' good, McHenry." She commented.

Allie laughed. "Thanks, Villegas. You don't look too shabby either."

Jasmine, who was wearing a dark blue dress that reached about mid-thigh, and which she had paired with a black cardigan, grinned. "Thank you." She replied.

Allie quickly brushed her hair out in the mirror, examining herself to make sure she looked decent. She wore a frilly turquoise top, jet-black skinny jeans, and a pair of brown knee-high boots.

"It's almost been ten minutes, we gotta go." Jasmine announced, glancing at her phone to check the time.

After a quick check to make sure they had everything they needed, the two best friends hurried out of the room and took the next elevator down to the lobby, where the other four stood waiting.

As they once again climbed into a taxi, Allie pulled out her phone and updated her Twitter.

AllieMcHenry: On my way out to dinner with my girls! (...and Jason and Matt...haha) Back to another two weeks of touring after this. Anyone know any good places to eat in Portland? :)
Since Allie was a backup dancer for Jasmine and was a performer in the My World Tour, she actually had quite a few followers; 20,000+ to be exact.

Looking at her mentions, she immediately saw a collection of responses to her question, all suggesting different restaurants that they thought were good. As Allie announced some of the suggestions to her friends, who then began contemplating over where they should go, she noticed one more mention that stated that an Italian place downtown called Vitavicci's was the greatest thing to be placed on Earth.

After a quick check out of the place on UrbanSpoon, Allie and her friends decided that it sounded good, and thus informed the taxi driver that that was where they'd like to go. As the taxi began moving, Allie tweeted once more:

AllieMcHenry: Vitavicci's it is! Thanks to @itskayarivers for the suggestion! We'll let you know how it is!
About ten minutes later, they arrived at the restaurant, which was a large and bustling establishment located amidst several high-rise buildings. For a Saturday night, the wait time wasn't too long; probably due to the fact that the restaurant was so big.

The six became immersed in the menu almost immediately, and it took some time for them to figure out what they wanted, due to the fact that the menu itself was so vast. Just as they had finally seemed to come to their decisions, there arrived a distraction in the form of three teenage boys.

"You have got to be kidding me." Allie muttered in disbelief.

Jasmine and Meaghan, hearing her, glanced up to see what she was talking about. Their faces brightened instantly.

"Chaz! Justin! Ryan!" Meaghan called, beaming at the newcomers.

Sure enough, there the three stood, waving at the six.

"Hey!" Ryan stated.

"Hey man, what's up?" Jason called.

"What are you guys doing here?" Kristen asked, her eyes bright.

The other three looked at each other and shrugged.

"We just wanted to go somewhere good to eat. We were kinda digging Italian, so we ended up here." Ryan replied.

"Oh, cool." Matt commented. "Well come and sit down!"

"Really?" Chaz asked.

The others nodded eagerly. Meaghan pulled out a chair next to her and patted it, grinning widely at Chaz. Seeing this, Chaz smiled and hurried over. Ryan took a seat between Jason and Matt. Justin's eyes traveled around the entire table before landing on Allie. Grinning at her, he sauntered over, grabbing an empty chair along the way, and dragged it over towards where she was sitting. He placed the chair to the right of her and sat down.

"Hey." He stated.

"Hi." She replied miserably. "Why did I know he was gonna choose to sit right next to me?" She thought.

She turned to him and asked firmly, "Okay, seriously? What are you doing here? This isn't just a coincidence. You knew we were gonna be here, didn't you?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"What can I say? I follow you on Twitter." He replied simply, shrugging.

"Why?" Allie demanded in alarm.

"Because you're my girlfriend." Justin whispered, slinging his arm around her shoulder.

Allie roughly pushed his arm off of her. "No, I'm not!" She hissed, glaring at him.

He flashed an adorable smile at her.

"And stop smiling at me like that." She added, turning away from him and crossing her arms.

"Why?" He asked knowingly, smirking at her.

Allie could feel a slight flush begin to creep up her cheeks. "Because," She muttered. "It's annoying."

"Well that's a lie. It's not annoying at all, I'm just not in the mood to deal with how cute he looks when he smiles like that." She thought in annoyance.

"Right." Justin replied, still smirking at her, as if he could read her thoughts. "So what's going on after this?" He asked after a moment, changing the topic.

Allie shrugged. "I have no idea." She replied.

"Why don't you come hang with me for a little while?" Justin proposed, looking at her hopefully.

"And do what?" Allie asked.

Justin shrugged. "I dunno." He grinned. "Stuff."

"Has it ever occurred to you that I might have a boyfriend?" Allie asked suddenly, looking at him with a determined look in her eye.

Justin looked a little taken aback for a moment. Quickly recovering, he replied smoothly, "You'd probably have mentioned him by now."

"Are you sure about that?" She shot back, crossing her arms.

He looked slightly wary now. "Do you?"

"Yes." Allie replied. It was a total lie, but the idea had come to her out of nowhere that if she could just convince Justin that she was already taken, he'd finally leave her alone.

"Oh really?" Justin asked skeptically, looking at her with an amused expression on his face.

Allie nodded.

Justin turned and called across the table, "Jasmine, who is Allie's boyfriend?"

Breaking away from her conversation with Matt and Kristen, Jasmine wrinkled her eyebrows in confusion. "Huh?"

"Who is Allie's boyfriend?" Justin repeated.

Allie quickly started making hand motions and urgent facial expressions behind Justin's shoulder, attempting to send the message across to Jasmine that she needed to lie and pretend like Allie really did have a boyfriend.

Unfortunately for her, Jasmine didn't notice her in time.

"Allie doesn't have a boyfriend." Jasmine stated.

Justin turned back to Allie with a satisfied smirk on his face. "What were you saying?" He asked.

Allie scowled. "Honestly, do you not know how to take a hint?"

"Nope, apparently not.?"He responded.
As Allie just rolled her eyes, he put his arm around her again, stating as he did so, "By the way! Have anyone told you how beautiful you look tonight, as always? You might just be the most gorgeous one here. And that's the truth."

Allie couldn't help it; she blushed. "Thanks." She murmured in reply.

He shot her another of his charming smiles. "Anytime, baby. Look, why don't you come hang with me afterwards? Everyone here can go back to my room at the hotel, we can all chill out."

Not wanting to argue with him any further, she just shook her head. "Whatever. It doesn't matter to me. If everyone else wants to do that, then I don't care."

Justin grinned. "Cool."


Once the nine had finished eating, they paid the bill (Justin insisted on covering everyone), and exited the restaurant, where a limo was waiting to take them back to the hotel. Wrapping his arm around Allie's waist, Justin led her to the door of the limo. He opened it for her and motioned that she should get in.

"That was actually kind of a decent thing for him to do." Allie thought, smiling at him in thanks.

Once all of the teenagers were inside, they headed back to the hotel, where they then made their way to the tenth floor, where Justin?s room was.

Upon entering Justin's hotel room, Allie noticed an immediate change in quality between it and the room she shared with Jasmine. Chaz, Ryan, and Justin?s mom were all staying in Justin's room with him, and it was perhaps because of this that it was so large. It was a presidential suite, and consisted of a large, high-ceilinged living area in the center of the complex; a large glass window overlooked downtown Portland, connected to which were a pair of glass doors that led out onto a balcony. Branching off of the living area was a master bedroom, which Justin's mom, Pattie, was staying in, and one other, slightly smaller bedroom, in which Ryan and Justin were staying in. They had forced Chaz into sleeping on the couch in the living room, claiming he got "too annoying" late at night to deal with in their room.

All of the parents and most of the adult crew members had gone out for drinks at a local bar and so Pattie would probably not be returning for several hours. Thus, the group had the room to themselves for the night.

Allie wandered around admiring different aspects of the room before finally coming to a halt in front of the pure-glass window overlooking the glittering spiderweb of lights that made up downtown. Justin came up behind her and placed his arm around her shoulder.

"So what do you think, gorgeous?"

"I think it's...gorgeous." She replied, glancing at him, laughing slightly, and smiling.

He smiled back. "Good."

Something over Justin?s shoulder caught Allie?s eye. Squinting her eyes to get a better look, she saw that a small mess littered the floor of Ryan and Justin?s rooms. An overflowing suitcase lay on its side, where clothes were spilling out of it. Posters of Megan Fox were lying amidst all of the clothes, and a large box of Skittles was thrown carelessly to the side.

Following her gaze, Justin looked over at the mess.

Allie raised her eyebrows at him.

"Chaz." He replied.

Allie started laughing.

"I thought you kicked him out of the room?" She questioned.

"We did." He stated. "He just likes to make his presence known wherever he goes."

"Kinda like you?" Allie asked.

He laughed. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Wow...am I actually having a - dare I say it - moment with Justin Bieber?!" Allie thought incredulously.

"So hey - why don't we go ask the others if they want to play a game? I bet you wouldn't mind Seven Minutes in Heaven with me." Justin smirked.

Allie's smile vanished, only to be replaced by thoroughly irritated expression. She scoffed at him. "You know for a second there, I almost didn't hate you. Now I remembered why I find you so annoying."

Shaking her head in disgust, she threw his arm off of her shoulder and stalked away to go join Jason, Ryan, and Kristen on the couch.

hva sysn dere?


"Spill. Now." Kristen demanded, crossing her arms and staring determinedly at Allie. Meaghan stood next to her with an identical expression on her face. They had just finished the show in Oklahoma City, and were back on the tour bus, on their way to New Orleans. All one could see if they stared out the window was inky darkness, with the occasional flash of golden light as cars zoomed by on the highway.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Allie replied innocently, a little taken aback. Kristen had waited until Jasmine's mom had gone off to sleep in one of the bunks before beginning her little interrogation.

Jasmine, who was sitting in the corner responding to fans on her Twitter, snorted.

Allie looked over at her, bewildered. "What?"

"You do too know what she's talking about." Jasmine replied, not taking her eyes off of her computer screen.

Allie's eyebrows wrinkled in confusion as she stared from Meaghan, to Kristen, to Jasmine, and back again.

"Earlier today? You and Justin?" Kristen said, as if it were obvious.

"Oh," Allie replied, rolling her eyes. "That."

"Yes, that, now spill! Tell us what's going on!" Kristen cried.

"Nothing's going on." Allie said.

Kristen and Meaghan exchanged glances. "Oh, there most definitely is." Meaghan stated.

Allie shook her head slowly. "No. There's not."

"He had his arm around you, and he called you his "girlfriend". And the two of you were all immersed in your own little conversation on the couch." Kristen said.

"All of that was just him being annoying. Honestly. For some reason, he's decided he wants to bother me as much as humanly possible, so he hasn't left me alone." Allie explained. "In case you didn't notice, I was trying as hard as I could to not be around him."

Kristen and Meaghan looked at each other with wide eyes, grinning.

"He wouldn't leave you alone?" Meaghan asked excitedly.

"No..." Allie stated, looking at her friends in alarm and honestly not seeing what the big deal was.

"Oh my gosh, Allie! He's totally into you!" Kristen exclaimed. Meaghan nodded fervently beside her. Jasmine smirked at her computer screen, clearly listening to the entire conversation.

"He doesn't even know me." Allie dismissed.

"But I bet he wants to!" Meaghan cried.

"That's what he kept saying." Allie muttered bitterly. Once the words had left her mouth, she instantly regretted saying them, for Meaghan and Kristen had just looked at each other, begun squealing loudly, and started jumping up and down.

Allie groaned. "I shouldn't have said that!" She cried.

Jasmine began laughing loudly.

Allie glanced over at her, grinning. "Shut up, Jas!" She called jokingly. She turned back to Kristen and Meaghan, who were still shrieking with excitement. "Well hey now - what about you, Meaghan? What was up with you and Chaz?"

Meaghan stopped shrieking and turned a bright shade of pink.

"Spill. Now." Allie said, crossing her arms and imitating Kristen.

"I dunno. He's cool, I guess."

Allie and Kristen raised their eyebrows at her. Jasmine even looked up from her computer to shoot her a "yeah, right" look.

Meaghan laughed. "Okay, he's pretty cute, and we kept flirting all today. Guess we'll see how it goes."

The other three grinned at her.

"Aww, Kris, what are we gonna do when these two have boyfriends? We'll be left all alone!" Jasmine cried jokingly.

"Okay, stop right there." Allie commanded, grinning. "I am not going to have a boyfriend. Well, I dunno, eventually I might, but it is not going to be Justin, if that's what you're implying."

Jasmine exchanged glances with the other two before shrugging. "You never know, babe!" She sang.

"Not. Happening.! Allie groaned.

Her friends just smirked at her.


"ALLIE!" Someone screamed loudly just as a bell rang across the stuffy hall.

A week had passed since the New Orleans show, and here Allie stood in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, grabbing her books out of her locker at her high school. It was her first time back to school since the tour had started; she would be attending classes through that Friday, after which she?d catch a plane out to Portland for another two weeks of touring.

Glancing up, she had a moment?s warning before someone flung their arms around her, sending her books flying, and nearly knocking her over.

Allie shrieked. "AZRA!" A broad grin spread across her face. After a few moments of hugging each other tightly, the two teenagers broke apart.

Standing there beaming at her stood Allie's best friend, Azra Tivoli. Azra and Allie had known each other since they were four years old; they were practically sisters.

"How has touring been?!" Azra demanded. "I've missed you so much!"

Allie hugged her again. "I've missed you so much, too! And touring has been awesome."

"The good life's treating you good, then?" Azra grinned.

Allie nodded. "Seems like it."

"Oh my gosh, I am so jealous!" Azra shrieked.

Allie laughed. "Well, you're gonna have to come visit me on tour eventually!"

Azra uttered a scream. "I have to! Can I seriously come along sometime?"

Allie nodded.

"Ohmigosh, thank you! That sounds amazing!" Azra gushed.

Allie nodded in reply. "So tell me," She said, gathering her books up and gently kicking her locker shut. "What's been going on while I've been gone- I need to catch up on all the gossip! How's school been?"

Azra shrugged. "School." She replied indifferently. "Raina Winters and Landon Glipsby are dating now, finally. Um...Nina Winchcombe has been acting like her usual bitchy self to everyone she meets....Uh...Oh! Tinsley Marx is pregnant."

"What?!" Allie exclaimed.

Azra nodded. "Everyone was talking about it all last week. Funny thing is, she doesn't know who the father is." She snorted. "That's what she gets for being such a slut."

Allie chuckled.

As the two walked down the hall, a bunch of her school friends greeted her excitedly, hugging her and welcoming her back. She couldn't help but notice that a lot of people in her grade that she didn't normally talk to kept approaching her as well, asking her what it was like to be on tour. What most people wanted to know, as she began describing what life on the road was like, was what it was like to be touring with Justin Bieber.

"He is so sexy!" One girl squealed. "Seriously, I would die to go on tour with him! Do you know him? Is he nice? What's he like?"

Allie conveniently realized that she forgot her calculator in her locker and doubled back to go get it, dodging as many Justin-related questions as she could manage on the way.

As Azra followed her back to her locker, she asked, in a low voice,

"So what is it like touring with him? I know you've never exactly been a fan of his, but he's super hot, and -"

"He's the most annoying person I have ever had the misfortune to meet." Allie stated bluntly.

Azra looked at her in surprise, her eyes wide. "Really?" She asked.

Allie nodded. "Yup." She replied. "Don't even get me started on what a douchebag he is."

Azra laughed slightly. "Okay then." She replied.

Once Allie had retrieved her calculator, she shut her locker once more, and glanced up, only to be met by a pair of stunning emerald-green eyes.

Allie's face lit up instantly. "Mitch!" She cried, leaning forward to hug her friend tightly.

Mitchell Westelhoff, with his shaggy dirty-blonde hair, stunning eyes, and toned physique was, in Allie's opinion, one of the most attractive juniors at her school. He stood about 5'10', and had one of the cutest smiles she had ever seen. He was one of her friends and had been, for quite some time now, her crush.

"Allie!" Mitch cried in greeting, grinning at her. "How've you been?"

"Amazing, how about you?"

"I've been good." He replied.

"That's great!" Allie beamed. "What's your next class?"

"English. You?"

"With Miss Rothman? Same!"

A smile appeared on Mitchell?s face almost instantaneously. Though Allie wasn't positive, she had very high hopes that Mitchell might possibly have at least some of the same feelings towards her that she had towards him.

"I have the class with you guys, too!" Azra piped up, smiling. "We'd better get going though, Rothman goes crazy-bitch on anyone who's late."

"True." Mitchell replied.

The three then began wending their way through the school towards the AP English Language classroom, which was located on the second floor. As they walked, once again Allie was hailed by an assortment of people, all shouting out greetings and welcoming her back to school.

"How is the tour going?" Mitchell asked conversationally, as the three slid into seats at the back of the classroom.

"Really good. It's been so freaking cool. I love it!" Allie cried enthusiastically. "I get to perform in front of thousands of screaming people every night! Like, it's so tight. The other day, people asked me for my autograph!"

"Wow, looks like we've got ourselves a celebrity." Mitchell said, smirking.

"Yeah, I forgot to ask, Allie, will you sign my ass?" Azra asked obnoxiously, grinning in an amused fashion.

"Oh, no wait, sign my folder, I want to sell it on eBay for a million dollars." Mitchell continued.

Allie blushed. "Shut up." She joked. Shaking her head at her friends' behavior, she set her phone down on the edge of the desk and leaned over to get her English things out of her backpack. As she was rummaging through the backpack, her phone buzzed loudly.

Mitchell, who was seated right next to Allie, glanced at the front of the screen out of curiosity. His eyebrows furrowed, and he grabbed the phone to get a closer look.

"One new text message from "Grind Me Justin"?" He read sardonically, raising his eyebrows at her.

Azra's eyes lit up and she leaned forward eagerly to get a glimpse for herself.

Allie felt herself go red before she quickly straightened up and snatched the phone back from him, rolling her eyes and scowling.

"Grind Me Justin?!" Azra asked excitedly. "Is that who I think it is?"

"If you're referring to the headliner of the tour, then yes, unfortunately." Allie replied bitterly. "And in case you're wondering, I'm not the one who put his number in under that nickname, that was him." She rolled her eyes again.

Azra quickly flipped the phone open and clicked open the text message. To Allie's horror, she began to read it aloud, ""Good morning, beautiful. Miss u already. ;) Have u changed ur mind yet??" Azra looked up at Allie with intrigue and excitement. "Good morning, beautiful?!" She exclaimed.

Allie grabbed her phone from her best friend and tucked it into the front pocket of her jeans, thoroughly annoyed.

"What was he talking about?" Mitchell asked, his eyebrows still furrowed, and an unsettled expression on his face.

Allie rolled her eyes - it was starting to become routine habit for her. "Nothing." She muttered. "God, I hate him."

Mitchell looked at her in surprise.

"He's seriously so annoying. I honest-to-God can't stand him. He's the one thing about the tour that I am not thrilled about."

"Sorry to interrupt," Someone's voice said. "But are you talking about Justin Bieber?"

Allie, Azra, and Mitchell turned to see their classmate Laura Stam (who was seated behind Allie), leaning forward and peering at them with interest.

Allie hesitated, and then nodded. "Yeah. Why?" She replied.

Laura's face lit up. "Did he just text you?!"

Allie nodded again.

Laura's hands flew to her mouth. "Oh my God!" She shrieked. "You have his number?!" She exclaimed in disbelief. "I am soo jealous of you! He is the most beautiful person I have ever seen!"

For some reason, Mitchell appeared to be extremely annoyed about something as Laura was raving about how amazing she thought Justin was.

"Well, don't be jealous, Laur. He's not as great as everyone makes him out to be." Allie said flatly. "He's completely full of himself, and he's also really annoying."

Laura leaned back in her seat a little. "Oh," She replied, looking slightly disappointed.

Allie nodded. "Yup. Hate to say it, but I have definitely not been diagnosed with Bieber Fever."

Mitchell appeared satisfied, and he fell back in his seat with a smug grin on his face. "I don't get why every girl is so in love with him anyway." He stated. "He sings like a girl, and he looks like he's twelve."

Though Allie could argue against the statement that he looked like he was twelve, seeing as he definitely looked sixteen, and had clearly been working out lately, she smiled and nodded with agreement, glad to finally be with someone who shared her feelings of dislike towards the pop star.

Azra, who was a fan of Justin herself, just shrugged, remaining silent.


The news that Allie McHenry had Justin Bieber's number spread through the school like wildfire, thanks to Laura, and by Tuesday, everyone seemed to know about it.

As Allie attempted to make it to all of her classes on time, she was constantly bombarded by girls, some of whom she didn't even know, who began pressing her about Justin, wanting to know what he was like, and if they could have his number, too.

After the thirteenth request to have his number, Allie, who was already late for Physics, had to yell out in annoyance at a group of pleading freshman,

"No, you can't have Justin's number!" Angrily excusing herself, she rushed off to her Physics classroom. Arriving in a huff, she muttered an apology to her teacher, feeling the entire class's eyes on her, and shuffled forward to take her seat, which was conveniently placed next to Mitchell.

Grinning at him as she set her stuff down and fell into the chair, Allie whispered, "Hey."

He smiled back at her warmly. "Hey." He replied.

As the teacher began droning on about kinetic and potential energy, Allie felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Pulling it out of her pocket, she silently flipped it open under the desk.

From: GrindMeJustin ;)
hi gorgeous. so tell me...have u changed ur mind yet?

Allie suppressed a groan before thumbing out a response.

From: Allie
How many times are you going to ask me that?

A few moments later, her phone buzzed, indicating that he had replied.

From: GrindMeJustin ;)
until u've changed ur mind. ;)

Allie sensed Mitchell glancing at her phone out of the corner of his eye, clearly trying to see who she was texting and what she was saying. Without really knowing why she suddenly felt so private and protective of her conversation, Allie quickly tilted her phone away so that he couldn't see the screen. She then replied to Justin's last text:

From: Allie
Guess you're gonna have to keep asking me for the rest of your life then.

From: GrindMeJustin ;)
we'll see about that. :)

In spite of how annoying she thought he was, Allie couldn't help but smile a little at that last text. As much as she couldn't stand the kid and thought he was a cocky douchebag, the fact that he wanted to get to know her so badly was flattering, and his efforts to talk to her were pretty cute.

Allie stared blankly at her Physics teacher for a moment, who was vibrantly showing the class some strange example as a means to help explain the concept. There was a pause, during which Allie's mind suddenly began working itself furiously, all the while wondering one thing: "Why exactly does Justin find me so interesting?"

hmmm... lurer p det samme...

Kommenter FOR NESTE DEL !


As Allie reentered the living area of the bus, she noticed an interesting arrangement. Ryan and Kristen were sitting on the couch playing Xbox, with Jasmine sitting on a nearby armchair watching. Chaz and Meaghan, meanwhile, were sharing an armchair. Chaz had his arm around her, and the two were looking at each other with peculiar looks in their eyes. Meaghan giggled rather loudly at something he had just said.

Glancing around, Allie noticed that there was only one other place to sit left. It was kind of like a mini-couch, big enough for two people to fit on comfortably. She went and sat down, setting her Gatorade on the coffee table next to her.

Looking over at her, Ryan paused the game he and Kristen had been playing.

"I don't think we've met." He said politely. "I'm Ryan." He said, holding out a hand.

Allie leaned forward and shook it, smiling at him slightly. She couldn't help but notice that he was pretty good-looking. "Allie." She replied. "Nice to meet you."

"You too." Ryan said, smiling warmly.

Allie looked over at the pair on the armchair, wondering if the guy who currently had Meaghan hanging off of him was going to introduce himself.

Following her gaze, Ryan looked over at Chaz and Meaghan too. He cleared his throat loudly.

Jumping slightly, Chaz broke his gaze away from Meaghan and looked over at them questioningly.

Ryan nodded towards Allie.

"Oh, hey. I'm Chaz." Chaz stated, holding up a hand in greeting.

"Hi, I'm Allie." Allie replied.

"I see that you've met my best friends," Justin called, walking into the room and seating himself next to - surprise, surprise - Allie.

Ryan chuckled and went back to his game with Kristen and Jasmine.

Allie's eyes flickered over towards those three before snapping back onto Justin. She exhaled. "Yes, supposedly I have." She replied.

"And actually, I don't think I've properly introduced myself." Justin said.

"Probably because you have too big of an ego to have noticed." Allie thought.

Justin flicked his hair. "I'm Justin."

"And I'm Allie." Allie replied evenly.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Justin said.

Allie turned away from him, scowling. "Here we go again." She muttered.

"Why do I get the impression that you for some reason dislike me?" Justin asked, looking at her curiously, a small smile on his face.

"Probably because I do dislike you." Allie replied, looking him full in the face.

"And why would that be?" Justin wondered.

"Because you're full of yourself." Allie responded bluntly.

Justin smirked slightly. "And what makes you think that?"

"Everything you do, the way you act."

Justin shrugged. "I think that just may be ignorance on your part."

Allie sneered at him. "Right." She replied sarcastically.

Justin studied her for a moment. "I want to get to know you."

"Well, Idon'twant to get to knowyou." Allie replied icily.

"Harsh." He stated.

"Just speaking the truth." She said coldly.

He smiled at her. "I'm gonna get you to change your mind. Just you wait."

She let out a laugh. "Sure you are."

"I am."

"I highly doubt that."

"Guess we'll just have to wait and see, then."

"Guess we will."

"In the meantime, can I see your phone?"

Allie looked at him in surprise, a little taken aback by his sudden change in topic. "Why?" She asked suspiciously.

Justin shrugged. "Cause I wanna see something."

When Allie remained silent, he put his arm around her shoulder and leaned in towards her.

"Please, shawty? I just want to see it."

There was a long drawn-out pause where Justin looked at her hopefully. After a moment, Allie rolled her eyes before reaching into her jeans pocket, pulling out her phone, and reluctantly handing it to him.

Smirking, he withdrew his arm from around her shoulders, flipped the phone open and began typing something in, apparently searching for something.

After a few moments, he snapped the phone shut and handed it back to her, a satisfied smile plastered on his face.

"There." He stated.

Allie took the phone back and glanced at it. Flipping it back open, she tried to see what it was that he had done.

"What'd you do?" She asked.

He shrugged. "Nothing in particular."

"Seriously, Justin, what'd you do?"

"Oh, so it's Justin now and not Bieber? We're getting somewhere." He stated, nodding his head at her.

She groaned. "You are so annoying, you know that?"

He grinned at her. "You know you love me."

"But I definitelydon'tcare." Allie replied smoothly.

Catching the "Baby" song lyrics reference, Justin grinned. "Oh, but I think you do. Or at least youwill."

Allie rolled her eyes. "In your dreams."

"I'm counting on that."

"Seriously, what'd you do to my phone?"

"Check your contacts." Justin stated.

Staring at him for a moment in annoyance, Allie grudgingly clicked open the "Contacts" tab on her phone. Scrolling through the names listed there, she finally came to a new one, one that she had most definitely never typed in there.

She looked up at him in exasperation. "Really?" She asked.

He just smirked at her as she held her phone up. There, in the contacts list, was a new number. It was listed under the name: "GrindMeJustin ;)"

"I know how much you liked that poster those girls made." Justin teased, grinning at her.

"Wow." Allie replied dryly.

Justin shrugged. "Well, now you can reach me anytime you like."

"I don't plan on it."

"I don't plan on getting old, but we all know that's inevitable, isn't it?"

"Whatever you say, Bieber." Allie responded, turning to watch Ryan, Jasmine and Kristen play Xbox.

"Back to 'Bieber'? But you were doing so well, shawty." Justin joked, bringing her attention back around to him.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Superstar." Allie stated.

"You could never disappoint me, beautiful."

"I'm sure."

Justin merely laughed at her. "Well, anyway," He said, as if continuing a conversation they'd been having earlier. "You now have my number, but I don't believe I have yours."

"And that's so terrible?" Allie questioned coolly.

"Yes, actually, it is." Justin replied.

"Guess you'll just have to deal with it, then." Allie said, shrugging.

Justin put on a mock hurt face. "I don't even get your number, even though I just gave you mine? That hurts, Allie."

"I'm sure you'll live." Allie replied.

"But I'm not sure I will." Justin said innocently. "That hurt me." He patted his heart. "Right here."

"Aww, do you want me to kiss it to make it better?" Allie said mockingly in a baby voice.

Justin smirked and raised his eyebrows suggestively. "I'd love that, actually."

Allie rolled her eyes. "You wish."

Justin was silent for a moment before he said, in a rather hopeful voice, "Can Ipleasehave your number?"

"Why do you want my number so badly?" Allie demanded.

"I told you, I want to get to know you."

"ButItoldyou, Idon'twant to get to know you. So why even bother?"

"Because I've toldyouthat I'm gonna get you to change your mind." Justin pointed out.

"Are we really having this discussion again?" Allie asked loudly.

"Yep!" Justin replied brightly, smiling.

Allie opened her mouth to respond to him, but Justin quickly cut across her.

"And," He began. "I'm not gonna quit bothering you about it until you give me your number." He smiled, apparently satisfied with himself for coming up with such a brilliant plan.

Allie raised her eyebrows at him.

"I'm serious." He stated. "I won't shut up about it until I get your number."

Allie groaned, leaning her head back against the window in annoyance. After a few moments in which her mind had a serious argument with itself about whether or not she should give in to his childish bribe, she looked at him crossly, slumping her shoulders. "Fine." She griped. "Give me your damn phone."

A smile immediately formed on his face. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his iPhone. "There you go, gorgeous." He said, giving it to her.

Rolling her eyes, Allie unlocked the front screen and flicked open his Contacts. Thoroughly annoyed and mad at herself for giving in to him, she added her number.

Handing the phone back to him, she stated, "There. Happy?"

"Very." He replied. He looked at what she had typed in. "Aw, no nickname?" He teased, referring to her generic way of listing her number: "Allie"

"We can't have everything in life, now can we, Superstar?" Allie asked him.

Justin shrugged, grinning. "Guess not."

Allie was lost for a moment in his perfect smile. "Alright, so his smile's adorable, I'll give him that." She thought. "And, okay, his voice is really sexy, but everyone knowsthat. And Isupposehe smells really good, but that's all material things. It doesn't make a difference whatsoever to the type of person he is." Shaking her head slightly and a little irritated with herself for thinking these random positive thoughts about Justin, Allie turned away to once more observe Ryan, Jasmine, and Kristen.

But not before she discreetly pulled out her phone and updated her Twitter status:

@AllieMcHenry: Some people arereallyannoying.

Del 5 kommer kanskje senere idag :)


The after-party didn't end until well past midnight, resulting in a very tired group of performers trudging up to their hotel rooms without speaking or thinking much at all.

Meaghan, Kristen, Jasmine and Allie had taken the elevator up to the third floor, where all of the performers'rooms were situated. Upon arriving at room 348, Meaghan and Kristen, who would be rooming together, bid the others goodnight and stepped inside. Allie and Jasmine continued down the hall in silence to room 350. Jasmine pulled the key out of her pocket and swiped it through the card slot. As a beep sounded and Jasmine pushed the door open, a voice sang into Allie's ear,

"Sweet dreams, gorgeous."

Jumping, Allie looked over her shoulder to see Justin walking past and smirking at her, followed by two boys she had heard be called Chaz and Ryan. Evidently, the three had been following Allie and her friends so quietly that they hadn't noticed they were there.

Allie just glared at him. She stepped into her room just as Chaz and Ryan started sniggering.

Allie closed the door a little harder than she had intended. "He is so annoying." She stated. "Honestly, I couldn't stand him before, and after being in his presence for just a little bit tonight, I like him even less."

Jasmine giggled. "Just give him achance, Allie." She reiterated. "He's much better than you think. Honestly."

And with that, the two girls dispersed to their separate beds and, exhausted, fell fast asleep.


"Wait up! Jas, can we hang in your bus?" Ryan called, running to catch up to the brunette before she boarded her tour bus.

Jasmine glanced at him and grinned. "Yeah, of course!" She replied.

They had checked out of the hotel by nine AM and were about to go on their way to Oklahoma City.

Meaghan, Kristen and Allie were already in their bus, Matt and Jason had decided to tag along with Sean Kingston on his bus, and most of the managers and parents were grouped together on Justin's bus. Not wanting to be stuck with all of the adults, Ryan, Chaz, and Justin had decided they'd rather go with Jasmine and her friends on their bus. Thus, here Ryan stood, requesting permission to do just that.

After receiving the okay from Jasmine, Ryan grinned. "Thanks." He then motioned for Chaz and Justin to come over.

Jasmine climbed onto the bus, announcing as she did so, "Guys, some people wanted to come along with us for the ride."

Allie, Meaghan, and Kristen, who had been sitting watching TV, looked up and nodded.

Just then, Ryan stepped onto the bus, followed by Chaz, and then Justin. Upon seeing Justin entering the bus, Allie inwardly groaned.

As he spotted Allie, Justin smirked. "Perfect." He thought.

"Hey girlfriend." He stated, falling onto the couch next to her, and placing his arm around her shoulder.

Meaghan and Kristen's eyes widened and they quickly exchanged excited glances.

Allie shrugged his arm off, and stood up. "I'm getting something to drink." She announced to no one in particular, and hurriedly walked away towards the other end of the bus. As she searched the kitchenette for a Gatorade, she heard someone approaching. Glancing up towards the entrance to the kitchenette, she groaned loudly.

Justin stood in the doorway, staring at her. He flashed her a dazzling grin.

"Do you not know how to leave someone alone?" Allie hissed.

Justin shrugged. "You don't wanna be alone."

Allie crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh really?" She asked coolly.

Justin popped his collar and grinned cockily. "Yeah. If you wanted to be alone, you wouldn't be on this bus. And plus," He flipped his hair. "Everyone wants some of the Biebs."

Allie scowled. "It's statements like that that make me hate pop stars." She said, pushing past him to go join the others.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the kitchenette. "Hold up." He stated.

She glared at him crossly. "What?" She asked testily.

Justin looked down at the ground, appearing almost shy for a moment, before he looked back up at her. "I dunno." He shrugged. "I guess I just wanted to say that you really are beautiful, and..." He shrugged again. "I've seen you perform with Jasmine. You're really talented."

Allie was taken aback for just a moment; an insane urge to smile came over her, and she almost did - almost. Quickly regaining her composure, she sneered, "Like you don't say that to every girl you meet."

"I don't." Justin replied simply.

"Hi pretty ladies, thanks for coming out to the show." Allie stated, imitating him. "Hey beautiful, how's it going?" "Hi, you're gorgeous.?" She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, Bieber, youdefinitelydon't say things like that to every girl you meet." She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Not quite having a reply to that, Justin merely looked at her.

Taking advantage of his silence, Allie grabbed her Gatorade from off of the counter and walked off, heading back towards the front of the bus.

Justin sighed. "This is going to be harder than I thought."



"Thank you everyone, goodnight!" Justin's voice echoed throughout the arena, greeted almost instantaneously by tumultuous applause and deafening screams. Jasmine, Meaghan, Allie, and Kristen, who had been hanging out backstage, began hastily preparing to exit the venue along with dozens of other crew members. As Justin was finishing up his set onstage, everyone backstage was frantically trying to pack up and get out of there.

Tons of whooping and hollering suddenly started penetrating the air as Justin, his backup dancers, and his band came running backstage, high-fiving each other on an amazing opening night.

"Alright everybody, let's go! Pack everything up, we gotta get out of here!" Scooter called to the room in general.

"Let's gooo, babies!" Jasmine called. She grabbed Allie's hand and pulled her down a hallway towards a side entrance that would lead them to where their tour bus was parked outside. Kristen and Meaghan followed.

As the four exited through the door, they were immediately greeted by a small group of fans who had gathered outside, probably in the hopes to catch a glimpse of Justin. The fans were quick to recognize Jasmine and a few approached her nervously for an autograph or picture.

As Jasmine indicated to the security guards nearby that it was okay for the fans to be there, she grinned at the group of girls and began responding to their requests, posing for pictures, and signing ticket stubs, outstretched wrists, Jasmine V posters, shirts plastered with Justin's face.

"How'd you guys like the show?" She asked.

As some of the fans began gushing about how amazing they thought it was, a few others timidly began to glance over at Meaghan, Kristen, and Allie.

Finally, one girl in particular confidently strutted over to them. "Are you Jasmine's backup dancers?"

"Mhm." Meaghan replied, smiling sweetly at the girl. Kristen and Allie nodded behind her, also smiling.

There was an inhalation from some of the fans who had overheard this, and next thing they knew, the three dancers were surrounded, pressed for pictures and autographs by fans who thought that anyone connected with Jasmine was automatically cool.

"You guys are so talented!" One girl cried

"Yeah, I wish I could dance like you all." Another commented, nodding.

"What are your names?" Asked someone else.

After introducing themselves, Allie, Meaghan, and Kristen asked what the fans' names were.

The four stayed out there for about twenty minutes, greeting new fans who came over, and conversing with those who had been there originally. Allie talked with a few girls about how she was a part-time dancer, how she knew Jasmine, what she was looking forward to about touring. A few fans requested that she follow them on Twitter, an act she was happy to fulfill, while others wanted her to sign every single item they had with them.

"Those fans were so nice," Kristen commented, as the four began heading towards their tour bus after finally saying good-bye to the fans and thanking them for coming out to the show.

"I know! They were all really cool!" Meaghan replied. Jasmine nodded, grinning.

"I've never been asked for my autograph before!? Allie cried, slightly shocked. "That gave mesuchan adrenaline rush, that was crazy!"

The others laughed and nodded with agreement.

"Are you ever gonna have any meet and greets, Jas?" Meaghan asked, looking at her friend with curiosity.

"I'd love to! I dunno if I can, but if I get the chance, I'd definitely like to." Jasmine replied.

As the group of friends continued discussing what their first on-tour fan encounter was like, they reached their tour bus. The doors to the white bus slid open, and the four climbed onto it, still enthusiastically talking and laughing.

The bus itself consisted of three parts. The first part was an open living area, consisting of a couch and several squashy armchairs, with a large widescreen TV mounted on the wall. Behind this area was the lodging area, where four bunk beds were built into the side of the bus. In the very back of the bus was a kitchenette-type area, complete with appliances, a large cabinet neatly stocked with food and a small table for dining. As they took seats on the couch in the living area, Jasmine's phone beeped loudly.

She pulled the phone out of her skin-tight leather jeans and glanced over the text message that had just been sent to her.

"Hey, so Dan (Kanter) just texted me, the after-party's gonna be at the Saint Marcus Hotel." She announced.

"Isn't that the hotel we're staying at tonight?" Meaghan asked.

Jasmine nodded. "He said it's gonna be in the ballroom."

Since they had just successfully completed opening night of the tour, the entire group involved with the tour had agreed to have an after-party to celebrate a job well done and to kick off the rest of the tour.

After Jasmine's mom, her manager, and Jason and Matt had all boarded the tour bus, and the driver had been informed that they were ready to go, the entourage began the journey to the Saint Marcus, winding their way through downtown Dallas.

As they were driving, Meaghan, Kristen, Matt, Jasmine, and Jason began celebrating, singing karaoke at the top of their lungs, purposely trying to sound as bad as possible. Allie watched, laughing hysterically at her friends, while at the same time reminiscing about her first performance in front of a crowd as large as the one tonight. It had been one of the most amazing experiences of her life. She had absolutely loved every minute, thriving on the energy and positive vibes given off by the screaming crowd.

When they finally arrived at the hotel, all six piled out of the bus, still cheering and laughing loudly, all full of an insane amount of energy. As other crew members who had already arrived began unloading their luggage from the bus and passing it to hotel staff members, who would then transport it to their rooms, Allie, Jasmine, Meaghan, Kristen, Jason, and Matt headed inside the ridiculously luxurious hotel and wound their way through its interior in search of the ballroom where the after-party was to take place.

A hotel attendant quickly noticed them and began to lead them through a maze of hallways before reaching a set of double doors. The muffled pounding of a bass could be heard through the doors.

The attendant opened the door for them and they entered a dark and cavernous room filled with people. Every member of the tour appeared to be there, from Sean Kingston, to makeup artists. The six were hailed by some of the crew standing near the doors. Music was blasting and tables had been set up that were piled high with food and drinks.

Jason and Matt instantly disappeared to the food tables, and Kristen and Meaghan went off with Sean, who had challenged them to a dance-off. Allie was left with Jasmine.

Allie grinned at her friend before lunging forward and hugging her tightly. She squealed. "Thank you so much for having me on your tour!" She cried. "Seriously, that show wasamazing. I loved every minute. I am soo excited for the rest of the tour."

Jasmine grinned at her. "I'm so happy you came, too! Seriously, you, Kris, and Meag are three of the best people I could have picked to have as my dancers."

The two continued talking for a moment before they were approached by Jason, who was balancing two plates filled with sandwiches, cookies, chips, and candy bars. He had a can of Red Bull balanced beneath his chin.

"Hey, can one of you guys help - " He began.

"I'll do it." Jasmine replied, reaching forward to grab one of the plates out of his hands. He grinned at her gratefully. She smirked at Allie, shaking her head knowingly. "Where're we gonna go, Jason?"

Muttering to Allie that she'd be right back, Jasmine followed Jason off towards where Matt was seated at a table with some of Justin's back up dancers. All of them were pigging out on food.

Shrugging, Allie walked over to one of the drinks tables and took a cup of pink lemonade. Standing to the side and taking a sip, she stood observing the party for a moment. Interestingly, the one person that didn't appear to be there was the headliner of the tour himself.

"Hopefully he's off getting run over by a bus." Allie thought bitterly.

Almost instantly, he appeared in the crowd, inching through groups of people to head towards the refreshment tables.

"Annnd I spoke too soon." Allie muttered. Shaking her head and taking a sip of lemonade, she began glancing around the room again. Her eyes unfortunately found Justin again, who she realized, with a jolt of horror, seemed to be heading towards the drinks table...in other words,right towards her.

Just as he reached the drinks table, Justin veered to the left and, without so much as touching a single refreshment on the table, made a beeline for Allie.

Right as she realized that he wasn't, in fact, thirsty, it was too late to make a quick escape. He was standing right in front of her.

She immediately made to walk away, but he stepped in front of her path, slinging an arm around her shoulder.

"Hey beautiful." He stated, grinning at her.

She just rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she did so.

"Did you have fun tonight?" He asked.

Allie pulled his arm from off of her shoulders. "Cause I'm sure you care so much." She said bitterly, walking away from him.

He began to follow her. "I do." He replied simply. "Gotta make sure my girl is having a good time." He flashed her a smile.

"I'm not your girl." Allie replied coldly.

Justin shrugged before grinning cheekily. "Whatever you say, shawty."

"Hey hot-shot, why don't you go hang with your groupies?" Allie asked, pointing towards a cluster of fangirls, all scantily-clad, who had somehow gotten into the party and were giggling and pointing over at them. "I'm sure you'd have arealgood time."

Justin slung an arm around her shoulder again. "But I don't wanna hang with them. I wanna hang with you."

"I'm flattered," Allie replied sarcastically, pulling his arm off again. "But I think they're a bit more into hanging with you than I am. Or rather," She snorted. "grindingwith you, apparently."

One of the girls had just raised a sign that bore the words, "Grind Me, Justin."

Justin smirked at the sign before turning back to Allie and shrugging.

Allie rolled her eyes and scoffed with disgust before turning to walk away again.

Justin immediately followed after her, running to catch up. "Wait!" He called.

Allie turned to face him, now starting to get extremely annoyed. "Okay, seriously, what do you want from me?" She demanded.

He shrugged. "Just to talk to you. Is that such a crime?"

"Yes, actually." She replied.

He smirked and flipped his hair. "You're cute when you're annoyed." He stated.

"And you're cute when you'renotwith me." She shot back.

He just grinned at her, before wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close to him. "Hey everyone!" He called, getting the attention of the tour members who were standing and dancing nearby. "This is my girlfriend, Allie! Isn't she gorgeous?"

As people laughed and wolf-whistled nearby, Allie pushed Justin away from her, rolling her eyes and groaning loudly in annoyance before stalking off.

She ran into Jasmine not far away, who was grinning at her with raised eyebrows.

"Girlfriend, huh? Wow, Allie, moving a little fast there?" She asked jokingly.

Allie groaned loudly again. "Oh. My gosh! That is not even funny!"

Jasmine started laughing.

Allie shook her head. "Honestly, I don't understand how you're even friends with him. He's annoying as hell!"

Jasmine laughed even harder, her shoulders shaking.

"I'm serious!" Allie continued. "How are you friends with him?"

Jasmine just shook her head. "I'm sorry, this is just hilarious." She responded.

Allie laughed at her friend. After a few moments, she cried out, "Butwhy me?! Honestly, of all people,whyme?"

Jasmine, who was still laughing, shook her head. After finally calming down enough to stop laughing, she looked at her friend and replied, "There's obviously something about you that he likes."

Allie just rolled her eyes.

Vil dere ha mere ?



After finally excusing himself from the congratulating crew members, Justin wound his way through backstage to his dressing room. Upon entering, he was instantly hailed by his two best friends, Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers.

The tour was to be kicked off in Dallas, Texas, and as Ryan and Chaz were currently on a two-week fall break from school, they had traveled out to come see the show and tag along on tour for a little bit.

After greeting his friends enthusiastically, Justin sat down, and the three began playing Xbox.

"Dude, this is so sick. I wish I could stay for the entire tour." Chaz commented.

"That'd be hella tight." Ryan stated.

"Yeah, I know, wish you could, too." Justin replied, just as two people neared the entrance to his dressing room. Glancing up, he saw Allie and Matt standing outside, examining what appeared to be Jasmine's set list.

"Especially because all of the chicks here are hot." Chaz continued, his eyes still completely focused on the game.

"Yeah, especially that one." Justin commented, staring at Allie.

Chaz and Ryan looked up and followed Justin's gaze.

Chaz wolf-whistled. "Damn." He commented.

When Ryan shot him a "please-act-more-mature" gaze, Chaz defended himself. "What?" He stated innocently, his hands raised. "I know you're thinking the same thing!"

Ryan just rolled his eyes.

"I met her once before, Jasmine introduced me." Justin stated, his eyes still on Allie, who was now having a conversation with Matt about the set list. "What was her name again?" He strained to remember what Jasmine had called her that day in the dance studio. "...Abby? No...Allie! Yeah, that was it."

"Speaking of Jasmine," Chaz stated, interrupting Justin's thoughts. "Are you two secretly fucking, or are you really just friends?"

"We're really just friends." Justin stated crossly, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. Chaz could be so immature sometimes.

"Then you should totally go for that girl." Chaz said, nodding towards Allie.

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, you should, man. Bet she digs you."

Justin shrugged. "Sheissuper hot." He said.

"Do ittt." Chaz sang.

"That's the thing, most of the girls on this tour are just like all of my fans, they love me, so it shouldn't exactly be difficult." Justin said, laughing.

"Exactly." Chaz and Ryan stated in unison.

Looking back up towards the door, Justin saw that Allie and Matt were still standing in the hallway outside.

"Allie!" Justin called.

The brunette stopped speaking mid-sentence, seemingly a little surprised, and turned away from Matt to stare into the dressing room at Justin, appearing somewhat confused.

Justin flicked his hair and nodded at her. "Hey, how's it going?"

Allie didn't even bother to respond. She rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed, grabbed ahold of Matt's arm, and pulled him away.

Justin, who was used to girls taking every opportunity they could to talk to him and flirt with him, was a little shocked. Girls never outright ignored him like that.

"Ooooh." Chaz and Ryan teased, smirking at him.

"Rejected!" Chaz called.

Justin smacked him on the arm. "Shut up!" He replied.

Chaz just smirked at him.

Justin shook his head, a little confused. "What the hell was that?" He wondered aloud, referring to the way that Allie had just behaved towards him.

"She obviouslydoesn'tdig you." Ryan replied, laughing.

"Yeah, and that's what I don't get. Everyone loves the Biebs." Justin stated cockily.

Ryan and Chaz looked at each other for a moment. They then burst out laughing.

Justin grinned in spite of the fact that his friends were making fun of him. "Shut up." When they continued laughing, he was suddenly struck with a plan. "Okay, okay, listen. Listen!"

His two best friends stopped laughing and looked at him, both still grinning in an amused fashion.

"I wanna make a bet with you." Justin said.

"We're listening..." Chaz replied.

"Two months." Justin stated."Bet you guys that within two months, I'll fuck her."

Ryan and Chaz raised their eyebrows at each other, and then looked at him.

"Two months?" Chaz asked skeptically.

Justin nodded. "Yup. Bet you anything I could get her to sleep with me between now and the end of January."

"Ha, yeah right. She definitely didn't want to give you the time of day just now, she's not gonna want to sleep with you later." Chaz stated dismissively.

Ryan, too, looked unconvinced. "Yeah, I dunno, man. She didn't seem interested. Any other girl on this tour, I wouldn't doubt it at all, even the old chicks (which is totally weird, by the way), but...something about this one..."

Justin just smirked at his friends' doubtfulness. "That's why I'm betting you guys that I can do it. Obviously she's not interested, but that's just what makes it more fun. Plus, seriously? Think about who I am. She may be uninterested now, but all I have to do is turn on the charm and she'll be all over me like every other girl I meet. Trust me."

Ryan and Chaz still looked skeptical, but they shrugged and nodded anyway.

"Whatever, dude." Ryan replied.

"You've got two months to get in her pants, then." Chaz said.

Justin smirked. "I won't even need that much time." Already feeling his competitive side taking over, he sat up straighter in his seat, determinedly deciding right then and there that he'd win the bet - whatever it took.

snap, hva syns du ?





"Now I'm all gone,

Gone, gone, Im gone."

Justin finished singing the last note into the microphone, grinning as small clusters of people scattered throughout the arena broke into applause. They were in the midst of one of their last dress rehearsals; opening night of the tour was the next night.

"Great job, man!" His manager Scooter, who had been sitting in the front row watching the run-through of the show, stood up and began clapping. "You kicked ass!"

"Thanks." Justin replied.

"You keep that up, it's gonna be one hell of a tour." Scooter stated. Several other crew members nearby nodded and murmured in agreement.

The sound of loud giggling rang out across the cavernous arena. Glancing towards the right-hand side, Justin caught a glimpse of about five girls who appeared to be his age, all standing on their seats, clutching glittery posters, and smiling at him. They were clearly fans, most likely a group that had won a contest to get to see one of his dress rehearsals.

He flipped his hair and grinned at them.

"Hi ladies," He called. They erupted with giggles. "Thanks for coming out to see the rehearsal." A few of them squealed excitedly and began shaking with nerves.

"Thanks for having us, Justin!" One of them called.

"We love you!"

"You're so gorgeous!"

Justin laughed and smiled at them. "Not as gorgeous as you." He replied flirtatiously.

All five started squealing again. One even began fanning herself, so overwhelmed with excitement she thought she might faint.

Waving good-bye to them, Justin exited the stage, only to be instantly surrounded by crew members congratulating him on a fantastic final dress rehearsal.

"You'resoready for this," One of the sound technicians, a woman who looked to be about twice his age, winked at him, touching his wrist. "The tour is going to be amazing."

Justin grinned at those who were congratulating him, positively thrilled by the reactions he had created.



Allie resisted the urge to roll her eyes for what felt like the millionth time that day.

"What?" Jasmine, who was standing beside her, asked knowingly. The two were positioned backstage, and were being fitted for microphones and sound equipment.

"I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous." Allie stated, indicating towards where Justin stood, surrounded by gushing crew people."His show's good and all, butcome on! That lady is probably nearing her 40s, the fact that she's throwing herself at a 16-year-old is just sad." She shook her head, laughing at the situation. "Seriously, he's not Michael Jackson, why do they feel the need to hang all over him and treat him like he's a god?"

"Because he is." Jasmine replied.

Allie just looked at her.

Jasmine laughed. "I'm kidding! Look, I dunno, they all just want his attention, that's all."

Allie scoffed. "And they're getting it. Look at him. That is just disgusting, he is actually enjoying the fact that women who are twice his age are flirting with him. Even someguysare flirting with him! And he is just loving it all." Allie shook her head. "What a douchebag."

Jasmine looked at her friend with exasperation. "He's really not that bad, Allie. I mean, sure, he can get a little full of himself sometimes, but honestly, what else do you expect? The kid's rich, successful, and every girl loves him, of course he's going to have somewhat of a big head. But he?s actually a really cool person! He's nice and funny! He's one of my friends." She stated simply.

Allie nodded slightly. "Okay, I get that he's your friend, but - "

"And I know that you think he's just another Liam, and I totally understand that,? Jasmine interrupted. "Really, I do. I know how Liam hurt you, and I know that you'd rather not get involved with anyone else like him. But Justin's a nice guy. He's not like Liam."

Allie shook her head. "Yes, he is." She replied stubbornly.

"He's not, Al. I actually think that you would really like him, if you just got to know him." Jasmine said.

Allie shrugged, inwardly doubting this very much.

"Just give him a chance, okay?" Jasmine asked, looking at her friend with slightly pleading eyes. "Please?"

Looking back at Jasmine, Allie sighed. She then nodded. Jasmine's eyes lit up, and she grinned, clearly pleased. But as they switched topics and began discussing their wardrobes for the show the next night, Allie couldn't help but secretly think that there was no way in hell she was ever going to actually give him a chance.

Hva syns du ?


"How's it going?" Justin asked. His eyes traveled amongst the three and finally rested on Allie. He smiled at her.

She averted his gaze and quickly took another sip of water.

"Pretty good!" Meaghan replied breathlessly. She then launched into a full-on ramble about how psyched she was for the tour to start.

"Oh yeah?" Justin asked, slinging an arm around her shoulders and shooting her another of his flirty grins.

Meaghan looked like she was about to faint. She nodded slightly, seemingly at a loss for words, before she began speaking again, stumbling over herself and talking exceptionally fast.

"I love your voice." Justin commented, referring to her light accent. "Where are you from?"

Meaghan flushed a deep shade of scarlet before murmuring, "Ireland."

As Justin continued flirting with Meaghan, Allie couldn't help herself - she rolled her eyes. "Kill me now." She muttered under her breath.

Hearing this, Kristen shot her a questioning look.

Allie just shook her head, indicating that she would explain later.

After what seemed like hours of Justin conversing with the three (during which Allie remained mostly quiet), someone finally entered the room searching for him. Upon discovering him there, they quickly informed him that he needed to get back to his own rehearsal.

After nodding to the person to indicate he understood, Justin turned back to the three girls. "Well ladies, I gotta get going, but it was really nice meeting you all. It's Meaghan, Kristen, and...Allie, right?" He asked, looking at each girl for clarification. After they had nodded, he flashed his dazzling smile once more. "Cool. See you around."

He waved good-bye to Jason, Matt, and Jasmine, and then exited the room.

Meaghan and Kristen turned to each other with wide eyes, at a loss for what to say.

"He's even more beautiful in person." Kristen said breathlessly.

"I know!" Meaghan squealed.

Allie groaned. "Woww, guys." She stated.

"What?" Kristen and Meaghan asked.

Allie shook her head. "Nothing."

"Okay, what was up with earlier?" Kristen inquired, referring to when Allie had rolled her eyes. "You totally seem to have something against him."

"Yeah, you barely talked to him!" Meaghan pointed out.

Allie shrugged. "Honestly, I just don't see what all the hype's about."

"What do you mean?" Kristen asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

"I don't see why everyone makes such a big deal about him. He's notthattalented. I mean, sure, he can sing and dance, but so can a million other people. I just don't get why peoplefawnall over him."

"He's so nice! You saw him just now, he was a total sweetie!" Meaghan protested.

"No, he was just being overly-flirty and way too cocky. Typical rockstar." Allie muttered.

Meaghan and Kristen just stared at her, before exchanging quizzical glances.

Allie crossed her arms in annoyance. "He's totally full of himself!" She cried. "Girls constantly throw themselves at him, and he makes enough money every night to feed an entire third-world country. He's rich, he thinks he's hot, and he's used to attention. He thinks that just because he's made it big, he owns the planet and can do whatever he pleases." She scoffed. "I hate people like him. Celebrities are so arrogant."

"Jasmine's not arrogant."Kristen pointed out.

"Okay,superstarsare arrogant." Allie corrected herself. She rolled her eyes again. "I'm sorry, but I just can't stand him. You saw how flirty he was, he's nothing but a player. He knows he can get any girl he wants, so he turns on the charm every time he sees someone he thinks is hot, just to get another ego boost."

"You seem to have him all figured out, yet, unless I'm mistaken, you only just met him today." Kristen commented, surveying Allie with interest.

Allie took a deep breath. "Believe me," She stated flatly. "I may have only just met him, but I know exactly the type of person he is. Let's just say I've had experiences with people like him."

Meaghan and Kristen looked at her with raised eyebrows, both clearly interested to know more.

Allie shook her head as if to dismiss the subject and turned to walk away.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Meaghan called, grabbing her arm. "What do you mean, you've ?had experiences'?" She asked, her eyes bright with excitement and intrigue.

"Nothing." Allie muttered.

"No, tell us!" Meaghan pressed. Kristen nodded fervently beside her.

"Really, it's nothing."Allie continued.

"Tell us!" Kristen pleased.

"Seriously, it's not that important."

"You can't tell us something like that and then refuse to elaborate!" Meaghan protested.

"Yes, I can."

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I definitely can."

"No, you definitely can't."

Allie groaned loudly.

"Please, Allie! Just tell us!" Kristen begged.

After a long pause, during which Kristen and Meaghan stared at her with pleading looks on their faces, Allie sighed.

"Fine." She said.

"Yes!" Her friends replied, beaming.

Allie took a deep breath. "Okay..." She paused before sighing again. "...You know Liam Seyfried?"

Meaghan and Kristen's faces lit up.

"Yes...very much so." Meaghan replied suggestively, smirking at Allie before laughing. "Ha, Iwish!"

"He'ssuperhot." Kristen commented.

"Yeah, well, he's also my ex." Allie stated bluntly. "I used to date him."

There was silence for a moment before reactions occurred. Meaghan's eyes widened, and Kristen, who had just taken a sip of water, spit it out all over Allie.

"What?!" She exclaimed.

Allie nodded. "Yup."

Liam Seyfried was seventeen and, like Justin, he was a worldwide phenomenon. An extremely successful actor, he made millions of dollars, and knew how to make the girls swoon. Tall, dark, and handsome, with sculpted abs, and a heart-stoppingly gorgeous smile, he was one of the biggest teenage dreams in Young Hollywood.

"Youdatedhim?! You - what -how?!" Kristen spluttered.

"When?!" Demanded Meaghan.

Allie sighed. "Last summer." She replied glumly. "I met him when I was with Jasmine one time, actually. She had been invited to a premiere and asked me to go along with her, so I did. We ran into him there, and he and I sort of...hit it off, and...well, by the end of the night, we'd exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out later that week. Next thing I know, we're dating."

"Are youserious?!" Exclaimed Meaghan.

Allie nodded grimly.

"Oh my God! I never knew that about you! Holy shit, Allie! That's crazy! You lucky chick!" Meaghan cried.

"Right...lucky..." Allie replied, looking down at her feet and quickly blinking. The memories of the pain and humiliation Liam had put her through still brought tears to her eyes sometimes.

Noticing Allie's downcast eyes, Kristen asked gently, "What...happened?"

Allie looked back up to see her two friends staring at her with concerned expressions.

"Liam was really amazing to me. He was unlike any guy I had ever known, and...honestly, he was the greatest thing to ever happen to me...or so I thought." She shook her head sadly. "I seriously thought that everything he told me was true, when in reality, it was all lies. It was all an act. He didn't actually care about me. He was only dating me for publicity. He wanted the public to think he was down-to-earth enough to date someone who wasn't rich, or famous, or some excessively beautiful socialite or model. On our six-month anniversary, I walked in on him cheating on me. Apparently he'd been seeing this rich skank behind my back for months. Tons of people knew about it, but didn't bother to tell me."

Meaghan and Kristen had stunned expressions on their faces.

"Allie..." Kristen muttered softly, concern clouding her green eyes. "I'm so sorry..."

"Yeah," Meaghan added, nodding.

Allie shook her head slightly. "It doesn't matter. It's all over now. I was completely humiliated, but...I'm not involved with him anymore. I haven't seen him for months. And so I don't have to worry about it now."

Kristen and Meaghan quickly pulled her in for a hug.

After they broke apart, Allie murmured, "Sorry, I kinda sprung that all on you..."

Her friends shook their heads and waved it off as if it were nothing.

"We're the ones who were interrogating you about disliking Justin." Meaghan pointed out, shrugging.

Allie sighed. "Yeah...Well, you see why I'm not too eager to fall for his act? He's exactly like Liam was when I first met him.Exactlylike him. I know just the type of person he really is, there's no way I'm getting involved with him. Like I was saying before, he's just like every other big-shot superstar out there: he's let fame get to his head, he has way too much money for his own good, and he?s a heartless player. I don't care what people say about him, I don't trust him."

Shaking her head to clear it of bad memories, Allie put a smile on, trying to lighten the suddenly-serious mood. "But anyways! I'm really excited for the tour to hurry up and start, it's gonna be so much fun getting out on the road!"

Kristen and Meaghan, understanding that she wanted to change the subject, nodded, grinning. Before they knew it, the three were in the midst of a giddy conversation about the crazy things they were going to get up to whilst on tour.

After about five more minutes, Jasmine seemed to realize that their quick break had turned into a rather long one, and she clapped her hands for attention.

"Okay, guys! Sorry, we all got a little distracted there. Let's get back to work!"

The six were quick to assemble in the center of the room again and, after Jasmine had pressed "play" on her iTunes, this time starting up a different song, the group resumed rehearsing.

hva syns du ?


Allie McHenry brushed a stray strand of dark brown hair out of her eyes, before hastily pulling it up into a high ponytail. She grabbed her water bottle off the ground, took a long swig, and began stretching.

"Alright, you guys ready to do this?" Jasmine Villegas asked, bouncing into the room and taking energetic strides towards her dancers.

There were five of them in all: Allie, two other girls named Meaghan O'Leary and Kristen Kenneth, and two guys named Jason Sorita and Matt Blake. All were between the ages of 16 and 20, and all were backup dancers for Jasmine. The group had been intensively performing for the last few weeks in preparation for one of Jasmine's biggest gigs yet: she was to be the opening act for Justin Bieber on his My World Tour, which would travel across the United States and Canada, and eventually travel overseas.

"Let's do this," Matt sang out, hopping up from off of the ground.

As Jasmine's five dancers positioned themselves in the center of the room to begin rehearsals, the singer herself opened iTunes on her MacBook and prepared to start the song they'd be practicing first.

"And 5, 6 - 5, 6, 7, 8!" She called out.

"All of these boys, got em' standing in a line,

So many boys keep on begging for my time"

The group performed the number flawlessly, having practiced it so many times that it felt natural. As the song continued, Allie watched herself and her friends in the mirror, perfectly coordinating themselves to bring their best performance.

Of the group of six, Allie was an unusual case. Unlike the others, she was only a part-time dancer, meaning she was to spend a couple of weeks on the tour at a time, and the other weeks would be spent attending normal high school in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. Though only sixteen, Allie had been dancing her entire life; it was one of her passions. Getting the opportunity to go on tour and perform every night in front of thousands of screaming fans was a dream she never thought would come true. And the only reason Allie was allowed to be on the tour part-time was because of her connections with Jasmine.

Jasmine and Allie had met each other at a three-week residential performing arts camp in Los Angeles one summer, and had instantly become friends. Jasmine's music career had not yet taken off, but Allie knew she had great potential. Sure enough, less than a year later, Jasmine was booking her first professional gigs, and not long after, she got signed to a major record label. When she was asked to open for Justin Bieber, the search began for her backup dancers. Jasmine knew how much Allie lived and breathed for dancing, and so she immediately called her up and asked her to come audition. Thrilled by the opportunity, Allie grabbed it and auditioned for some of Jasmine's team. They immediately loved her, and together, they were able to negotiate her schedule so that she could dance on the tour, but also spend some time being a normal teenager at her high school. So here she stood, days before opening night of the tour, determinedly preparing with five people she now considered some of her best friends.

As the song ended, Jasmine began clapping.

"That was amazing! Guys, we've got this! We are going tokill iton Monday!" She called happily.

The other five began clapping and cheering. Meaghan and Kristen high-fived each other, grinning broadly.

"Let's take a quick break!" Jasmine announced.

As everyone dispersed for the break, there was a knock on the door to the studio. Glancing over to see who it was, Jasmine's face suddenly lit up. "Hey!" She called. She sauntered over to greet whoever was standing outside the door. Allie was standing at just the right angle where she couldn't see who it was.

Allie headed over to the side of the room to grab her water bottle, which was placed right near a mirror. After taking a few drinks, she set down the bottle and began to fix her hair, examining herself in the mirror. Her ponytail reached just between her shoulder blades, and as it was a chocolate-brown color, it complemented her olive skin tone nicely. Dark lashes framed bright blue eyes, and a few freckles sprinkled her nose. As she tucked her side-swept bangs behind her ear, she was joined by Kristen, who grabbed a water bottle nearby.

Kristen, an eighteen-year-old from Minneapolis, was quite the contrast to Allie. With ringlets of shocking red hair, and an extremely dark complexion, she often stood out in a crowd. Her signature doe eyes swept over Allie.

"Stoked for Monday?" She asked.

Allie grinned. "Always."

A moment later, Meaghan bounced over, her wavy platinum-blonde hair rippling behind her. She was a seventeen-year-old from Dublin, Ireland, and her musical voice held only hints of an accent. She and Kristen had instantly clicked with Allie and Jasmine, forming what Jason and Matt liked to call the Fantastic Four.

"Hey guys!" Jasmine called suddenly, stepping back into the studio. "There's someone I want you to meet!"

All five of the dancers looked up at the door as Jasmine re-entered the studio, shortly followed by someone else.

Meaghan nearly dropped her water bottle.

There stood the headliner of the tour himself, Justin Bieber, dressed in a tight white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and purple Supras.

"Everyone, this is Justin." Jasmine said. (Allie could feel Meaghan and Kristen stiffen beside her.) "Justin, this is Matt, Jason, Meaghan, Allie, and Kristen." Jasmine continued, pointing out each dancer as she introduced them.

Justin nodded at both of the boys, and then did his signature hair flip, casting a dazzling smile over at the three girls who were clustered together in the corner.

"Hey man," Jason called.

"Hi!" Meaghan sang, her voice shaking a little from excitement.

Though they had been preparing for weeks, none of the dancers had actually met Justin yet. And although Kristen and Meaghan were trying not to show it, both were extremely huge fans of him and his music.

As Jasmine went to go talk with Jason and Matt, Justin sauntered over towards Allie, Meaghan, and Kristen.

"Hey pretty ladies," He said flirtatiously, grinning at them again.

Allie resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Though her fellow dancers might be fans of the teenage heartthrob, she herself was not exactly as impressed by him.

Hper dere liker den:)

Vil dere ha mere ?


Historien heter "Trust me" og den er skrevet p engelsk. nei jeg har ikke skreve den, men jeg har snakka med hun som har skreve den jeg fikk lov til poste historien her ! Flg henne p twitter@xladolcevita72

her er en liten sammendrag av historien

Allie McHenry is a seemingly normal girl from Denver, Colorado who becomes a backup dancer for Jasmine Villegas on the My World Tour.

Justin Bieber is a slightly arrogant world-famous pop star who's used to having girls throw themselves at him.

But Allie McHenry is, unfortunately for him, not one of them.

One bet he makes with his friends could quite possibly change all of that, and break a few hearts in the process.

Trust Me.

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